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We all want to save some money, and sometimes we buy cheap accessories without considering that their quality may not be good enough. Eventually, we end up throwing them away. Lolita offers you the perfect solution. At Lolitain you can find the largest inventory of accessories in a wide variety of styles and colors at very affordable prices that adjust to your pocket. And above all, with the confidence and trust that you will be acquiring items with the quality that characterizes Lolita. Lolita’s prices are very affordable. You will certainly find one that better fits your needs among the wide variety of accessories and gadgets.

When it comes to putting together a look, accessories are a fundamental part. They add a special touch to every dress. Depending on the accessories you use, you can achieve different looks and will be able to change the character or motif that you wish to obtain. No matter what dress you use, you can get to change its style or model just by changing your accessories. Thus transforming it into a new and different style: gothic, classic, school, sweet or punk. No look would ever be complete without the perfect accessories.

At Lolitain, there are many accessories you can find to compliment your favorite look. Among them, you can choose from a wide variety of handbags, bows, wigs, bracelets, socks, and shoes, among others. Let’s take a look at some of the available accessories:

Light Purple Cute Cat Ears Lolita Shoulder Bag

This beautiful bag provides a look that inspires sweetness at first sight. Fine lines, a soft pale purple color, and beautiful golden details come together to create a glamorous, soft and delicate look. Beautiful golden cat whiskers and a pair of adorable ears adorn the purseâs front cover, giving the impression of having a cute kittenâs face. The cat whiskers have a beautiful heart-shaped gem embellishing their center, further accentuating its delicate motif. The size of this purse is small, perfect to be used as a handbag. But it also has a fine golden chain that allows it to be used as a shoulder bag. It is fabricated in PU, which is a much more environmentally friendly material when compared to other synthetic materials used in the fashion industry. This material provides for a great look and is pleasant to the touch. It is also flexible but very resistant.

Gray-pink Gradient Double Ponytail Sweet Lolita Wigs

Lolita’s wigs are great because they serve as an accessory while helping you transform into a completely different character. This beautiful wig is made in high-temperature silk. The most fantastic feature about this wig is its beautiful grey color that gradually turns into a pale pink towards the ends, which gives it a very natural look. Two ponytails and a beautiful hair fringe serve to add a special sweetness to this wig, making it perfect for a delicate, sweet or school look. You can combine it with bows or accessories of your preference to accentuate its beauty.

Baroque Court Style Black Flower Pearl Lace Lolita Bracelet And Ring Set

When it comes to the Gothic style, this fantastic bracelet is one of the accessories that best define it. Its sober color altogether with the many fine details makes it a unique and special piece. At first glance, a beautiful black rose stands out, encircled by a fine and delicate lace designed to surround your wrist area. Underneath the lace, there is a fine and intricate bronze-colored metal piece that falls onto the back of your hand. This piece is embellished with three black drop-shaped stones. The metal piece connects with a delicate chain to a ring with an equally beautiful black stone carved with beautiful details. The complete set creates an air of sobriety and mysticism that characterizes the Gothic style.

Cute Animals Embroidery Light Green Lolita Shoulder Bag

Cuteness is the perfect word to define this beautiful shoulder bag. It is made of soft and resistant PU material in light mint green color. Beautifully embroidered animal figures stand out on its surface. The diversity of colors and fine details make this beautiful bag the perfect accessory to complement a school look or a sweet look. Its spacious and comfortable interior is upholstered with a beautiful polka dots fabric that combines perfectly with its exterior. Its slim handle adorned with golden details gives it the versatility to be used as a handbag or as a shoulder bag. Combine it with other accessories like the Mint Color Matt Cross Bandage High Heel Bowknot Lolita Princess Shoes to set the perfect look to create an innocent and delicate costume.

The Role of Bows in a Costume

Bows can also play a significant role in creating a beautiful costume. They impart a special detail to any dress that can change according to the color of your choice. Depending on the type of ribbon and the colors to be used, they can provide a sober, dark, serious or delicate look that goes perfectly with all kinds of styles: gothic, classic, sweet, school, punk or prom.

Pink And White Cute Bows Sweet Lolita Dress

Larger bows in light colors tend to stand out in classic, sweet and schoolyard styles. Many of these are accompanied by beautiful lace, ruffles and appliqués that stand out and add an extra touch to the outfit. On the other hand, dark colored bows tend to be more compatible with sober styles such as gothic or some punk styles. Although the use of black outstands in this type of style, it can also be loaded with laces and appliqués that stand out, providing the dress with beautiful shades of light and shadow.

Bows are also perfect for creating vintage costumes and doll-like looks. The versatility of bows is evident in the many fabrics, designs, colors and sizes that can be used. They can be worn in combination with your favorite dress or can be added in a number of applications or accessories such as blouses, headbands, socks, shoes, bracelets, belts and hairpins among others. When it comes to creating styles and costumes Lolitain offers everything you need.

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